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Our Companies

Affine Technologies

Founders: Scott Nykl, Chad Mourning

Affine Technologies has a platform technology to turn complex data into visualizations creating a human interface for real-time analysis and decision-making. Our first product is a data-rich, but low-bandwidth communications link to create visual navigation systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at dramatically lower costs. The UAV market is undergoing explosive growth as applications move from military to civilian uses and is forecasted to reach annual sales of $11B in 2021. Affine’s data visualization solutions have applications in medical technologies, agriscience, education, research and other contexts in avionics.


Founders: Sicong Li, Brian Grady, Jessie Jiao is a website and app development company currently dedicated to building an interactive and personalized e-commerce experience. Tabalog’s advanced adaptive search capability will allow users to more easily discover, organize and compare items, thus boosting sales in an online retail market worth $200 billion and growing. The Athens-based company includes members Yuqin Jiao, Sicong Li, Justin Howell, and Brian Grady.

Lightborne Lore

Founders: Kyle Perkins

Lightborne Lore is introducing interactive, episodic stories to the rapidly expanding mobile games market, expected to reach $13B by 2014. The company is merging the powerful, proven storytelling of books with the bite-sized mobile games space. Lightborne Lore was initially funded by a $5,000 grant from TechGROWTH Ohio and a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which raised $4,500 for the development of Cracked, an episodic puzzle adventure game.

To enable faster game development in this emerging market, Lightborne Lore is creating its own visual novel generation platform. A visual novel is similar to a digital choose-your-own adventure story, with fully voiced dialogue, music, and character art and backgrounds that change as the text flows. Each game will have multiple endings and paths, and the player’s choices directly affect the outcome of the story. Lightborne Lore is currently validating this platform with the first episode of its own visual novel, themed around relationships, the paranormal, and life in a college town. The technology behind this game enables Lightborne Lore to rapidly produce visual novels across multiple genres, and even allows external stories to be adapted to the medium.


Founders: Richard Rodman

FlashCrop, LLC is a mobile flashcard application that allows users to create customizable flashcards in a fraction of the time, simply by taking a picture of class notes, glossaries, books, etc., and cropping segments of the picture to create the front and back of the flashcard. FlashCrop’s user ability features provide users with a innovative flashcard making and reviewing experience. FlashCrop, LLC won first place in Athens Startup Weekend 2012 and first place in the Ohio University Idea Pitch 2012.


Founders: Karl Henkel, Paul Benedict

Grüvster is a collaborative music building and learning app for the iPhone and iPad. Born from the idea that music should be an accessible and social experience, Grüvster aims to make sharing and learning jams an intuitive and interactive process. Grüvster is unique in its ability to recognize notes played by real instruments. Combine this with the capability of interpreting and making interactive musical notation and tablature imported from just about anywhere, and the user is able to hear what the music should sound like, and receive instant feedback as they play; no more practicing without someone to help steer in the right direction.


Founders: Dave Ricupero, Ven Rajarao, Trevor Hecht, Faraz Khan

MyEventMetrics, is the Google Analytics for advertising agencies.

Each year advertising agencies spend over a billion dollars on brand ambassador campaigns with little to no insight on what the return on advertising was. MyEventMetrics, gives these advertising agencies real-time analytics on these campaigns through their mobile app, empowering the agencies to see the return they received.